I miss my old tumblr :(

But the thing is…
I would rather have loyal followers who actually cared about what happens to me.
Who can learn about or from me.
I enjoy personal blogs…
I like to see people’s emotions and thoughts.
Given that they are not irrational or completely opposite of mine.

My old tumblr I posted pictures mostly of the things I liked to see.
That’s what I miss about it.
I made this blog to steer away from that direction. To make it more personal to me.
To make me think positively, to inspire me, to learn about what I like and what I want, and to watch the path and thoughts that I may have.

I have yet to decide if it will stay that way, but I know for certain this is a personal blog. If you don’t enjoy the the thoughts of others. Don’t follow.

So I really want some ice cream except…
I had an unhealthy lunch aaaand I’m trying to stay on a health/workout kick. :(

Hmm… Decisions decisions…

Alright, ima have the ice cream and be good the next two days ;p

Goes perfect while I watch a movie :)

Not sure what to write about but I wanted to write.

Buuut my vacation is approaching fast!! I’m so excited. I just have work tomorrow night, then Wednesday I am spending the day at the spa and getting last minute things to prepare myself for the river.

There are going to be some studly men there. Even my hot neighbors are going, so I’ll probably meet up with them.

I am just excited to tan, wakeboard, swim, drink, hang out, and chiiillll ouuuuttt!!

And mid post I just found out one of our friends just bailed on going -_-
What. The. Heck.

Whatever it’s not gonna stop meee from having a good time!

Woop so stoked.